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Haskell’s Beach / Hel’apunitse Trail

Haskell’s Beach / Hel’apunitse Trail

Shrouded in history and surfers’ lore, Haskell’s Beach is partially named after the surfer who used to hold the key back when you needed one. Hel’apunitse, which is the Chumash word for the shovelnose guitarfish, is the first known and recently revived name for the area. Today, nicely maintained path welcomes beach visitors and guests of the adjacent Bacara Resort alike to enjoy this rich and beautiful seascape. Signs along the path identify many types of flora and their uses in the Chumash culture. The Boathouse presiding over the beach with its handsome colonnade has a few picnic benches placed around it, as well as convenient public showers.

A short 1/4 mile walk gets you from the parking lot next to the tennis courts to the beach. Looping along the beach and back across the creek adds another 1/2 mile.


Explore layers of history, rendered in intriguing detail and with photos HERE.


Free public parking in the first lot near the tennis courts, before the main resort entrance.