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Rock-n-Roll Composer

Rock-n-Roll Composer

Composing a melody has never been so easy – or fateful. You’ll need someone who knows how to read music and ideally plays a portable instrument – and 20 or more pebbles.

Paint individual notes or do’s, re’s, me’s…. on each pebble – at least 2 or 3 sets of each note. Then roll them like dice and line them up in the order they landed – or draw them one at a time from a bag to line them up. You’ll end up with bits of gibberish noise with some lovely musical phrases mixed in. Pick out the good stuff and turn it into a song!

As an alternative, draw 5 lines in the dirt or with chalk to represent music notation and toss the pebbles onto them – play the ones that land close enough to be notes.

Your nature poem can provide the lyrics.