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Roger’s Preserve Trail

Roger’s Preserve Trail

So much personality is wedged into this former Christmas tree farm in a mini Bear Brook valley. From the parking lot, with its lovely view of Grovers Mill Pond, the path immediately turns on the adventure – tunneling through a myriad of evergreens that empties into a web of footpaths connecting cul de sacs with fortresses. Wild grasses cover the floor and the tree canopy rises to mature, deciduous species.  For such a small preserve, there is tons of diversity in the tree species and atmosphere. Though the path is only ever a bend or two away from view of a house, it feels far more removed – you can almost feel deer eyes watching you.

For a stretch, the footpath follows a broad ridge paralleling Bear Brook – though there don’t seem to be any worn paths down to the river’s edge. There always seems to be an expertly built structure on an especially well-poised plane above the river – though never the same one.

In late May, the intoxicating fragrances of hedge roses, honeysuckle and fresh grass are gloriously heaped upon each other.  




A fresh, crisp Grüner Veltliner, bursting with Granny Smith, lime and nectarine blossom notes.