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Snow Taffy

Snow Taffy

Turn maple syrup (or honey) into a taffy lollipop! Not only was this a scrumptious activity, it also precipitated discussions about matter changing from solid to liquid to gas and – most importantly – to lollipops 🙂

We tried this once with maple syrup and once with honey and orange juice. The maple syrup ones are a bit chewier, the honey, harder. We also stored a few honey strips outside to use as swizzle sticks in peppermint tea.

Before you wash your sticky pot, warm up some milk/ milk substitute in there – it’s a toasty treat and makes the pot easier to clean. Ours (using oat milk) tasted like hot caramel!


You’ll need:

  • A big bowl or area of clean snow,
  • maple syrup (or honey),
  • popsicle sticks

Here’s how:

  • Bring the maple syrup (or honey) to a boil,
  • cook over medium-low heat to 245 F (or until a drop of the hot syrup in cold water forms a firm ball – roughly 5 minutes),
  • pour in a long strip onto snow,
  • press popsicle stick onto end and roll up the sticky strip!


  • Add cinnamon or a splash of orange or apple juice to the boiling syrup


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