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Ventura Harbor Ecological Reserve Trail

Ventura Harbor Ecological Reserve Trail

Don’t let the chain link fence keep you from exploring this wonderland; the gate off of Angler Court is unlocked daily between 9am and 5pm. Sandy pathways loop around the freshwater ponds, flanked by mature vegetation that creates ideal vignettes through which to gaze at the over 200 species of birds. You’ll lose all sense of time watching the herons on the island in the middle of one of the ponds, a huddle of cloaked hunchbacks. The far end of the Reserve meets the beach dunes, with fantastic views across the ocean to the Anacapa Island.

The biggest loop, around 2 of the 3 ponds and taking in ocean views, runs about a mile; you can cut off about a quarter of a mile on the smaller loop, which encircles only the middle pool.


Street parking along Angler Court