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Holiday Bird Feeder Wreath

Holiday Bird Feeder Wreath

Easy, lovely and kind. A wreath is a good way to serve up all sorts of foods that nourish birds in the winter months.

To make the wreath, you just need a long vine or pliable branch; use the center 1/4 of the vine or brand to make a loop and coil the ends around that loop to create the wreath. We added peanut butter as the glue to hold bird seed and berries. We also stuck holly berries around the wreath. Here’s a list of foods the birds would love to find in your wreath: The Cornell Lab bird food list

Be sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap after handling any kind of berry as most are quite toxic to humans.

The ideal spot to hang your wreath would be accessible to birds but not squirrels, like the end of a delicate branch.

You can keep replenishing your wreath all winter long!

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