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Chumash Village Trail

Chumash Village Trail

This shaded half-mile footpath dives into Chumash history and heritage, anchored by the Chumash Indian Museum and leading to a replica of a Chumash village. The village burned in the Woolsey Fire of 2019, but rebuilding is underway, and 2 of the aps (homes) are almost complete. Halfway to the village, a game arena lets you imagine what the fun side of Chumash life might have looked like, with demonstrations playing on video inside the museum and even some equipment available for purchase in the gift shop.

The museum’s exhibits include cooking, hunting and painting methods as well as a life-sized tomol (kayak). And diaramas intricately depict scenes from daily Chumash life.

No dogs are permitted on the trail


As of June 2021, the museum is open Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm ($5 for adults, $3 children); the trail and outdoor Chumash Village exhibit are open daily from sunrise to sunset and free to the public.


Free parking in lot.