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DeKorte Park Trail

DeKorte Park Trail

Happily ever after its landfill and wasteland past, DeKorte Park is a wide expanse of breathtaking views. A splindling of narrow walkways cuts through a flat tidal marsh and waterscape with Manhattan’s skyline marking the horizon. As part of the New Jersey Meadowlands, DeKorte lies directly under the Atlantic Flyway migratory path; it’s a precious haven for hundred of species and a birdwatching mecca. Wooden huts are positioned along the Marsh Discovery Trail’s extensive boardwalk – making excellent spots to spy on the birds while sheltering from the wind/ sun and sipping your hot chocolate/ lemonade.

I’m told – and can well imagine – that sunsets here are amazing.

Along with an education center which offers school tours and a marsh-viewing room, there’s even an observatory, which would allow public viewing on certain nights, were it not currently closed indefinitely.





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