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Eames Preserve Trail

Eames Preserve Trail

I couldn’t stop smiling along this enchanting sliver of paradise. Nature just feels especially gracious here. The parking spot is the highest point of the trail, and the picturesque bend of Woodsville Brook at the opposite end of the lanky loop, with a bench overlooking a scatter of stream beaches and islands, the lowest. On the gentle slope down, sparrows criss crossed between hedges lining the path like fidgety kids before the curtain opens. A pair of woodpeckers drummed overhead. And underfoot, a trickle of water kept me company, voguing again and again in the form of all kinds of fancy ice displays on that December day. Might be a slippery slope in between the dry or frozen days.

Skinny as it is, the preserve is home to a meadow, beech groves and, in the warmer months, lots of wildflowers, as well.





Joyfully effervescent and fresh with life, this is a Moscato d’Asti, to me.

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