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Historic Overlook Park Trail

Historic Overlook Park Trail

This forgotten place is full of wonderful, precious surprises. An allee of trees leads to one of Princeton’s oldest specimens, “The Washington Oak,” alive when the Constitution was signed and honored with a plaque. At the bottom of a long meadow, a hole in the hedgerow opens to a cathedral of trees jutting up from a swamp.

Large, wild meadow, overgrown with poison ivy (its unavoidable), lined on one side by a beautiful row of trees, with a 200+ year old fenced in tree part way down.  At the very bottom, hidden in the hedge, is a path that leads to a- completely nother world – a ledge above the stony brook which explains the parks name.  Its easy to reach the swampy river basin.



Old Vines Zinfandel, craggly, spicy and deep rooted with perfumed dark fruit that etches its flavors into the tongue.


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