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Zion Crossing Park Trail

Zion Crossing Park Trail

The centerpiece of this post-industrial naturescape is the waterfall (especially after a good rain).  At 7 acres, the linear adventure is limited, but oh the possibilities for play headquartered at the pond below the waterfall are endless! (Though, as we discovered more than once, the rocks are slippery.)

From Hollow Road, a dirt road leads to an ample parking lot with a kiosk and clear path to the river.  There’s a small meadow with nice picnic benches that couldn’t have a prettier view. The waterfall is impossible to miss, with its broad stone construction and row of jutting pipes.   A small footpath leads in both directions, and crossing the waterfall connects to a path on the opposite side. 

It’s quite likely this place will be smaller than you expect. 🙂




A charming but chiseled Loire Crémant, with tangy stone fruit and sourdough notes and persistent bubbles.

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