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Oxnard Historic Farm Park Path

Oxnard Historic Farm Park Path

A vibrant oasis of Oxnard’s agricultural heritage, Oxnard Historic Farm park is brimming with community heirlooms, including three buildings that have held their ground as acres and acres of farmland disappeared around them. Rows of Zinfandel vines guide you from the entrance gate to the charming historic winery. Vintage tractors and farm equipment are housed in wooden barns, surrounded by a patchwork of herb and flower beds. In between the historic ranch house and a museum housing a small but intriguing collection of farm relics is a spacious shaded picnic area. A small orchard is tucked into one corner, a greenhouse into another. Every little pathway leads to a discovery.

A park on the other side of the fence has a captivating play structure, shaded benches, lots of open space and seems to be a regular way station for the ice cream truck.


The farm park is usually open Tuesdays and Saturdays, but check the website for details – as well as community events.


Plenty of street parking