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Silver Maple Trail

Silver Maple Trail

From the humble wooden sign marking its beginning for about 50 feet, you’ll feel like you’ve rediscovered a lost tail. After that, it will be lost to you, too – especially in the summer when remembrances of a path vanish beneath a few feet of greenery. Nonetheless, it’s worth your bushwhacking along the river’s edge for the serenity nestled in the many beautiful vignettes along the way.

A mile downstream, a broad, rocky peninsula covered in driftwood and gnarly trees makes a wonderful playground. Theoretically, a path rejoins the canal towpath from here. Please let me know if you find it.

My 2nd grader had no trouble on this path in the Spring, before Summer’s weeds ravaged the already subtle trace of a path. I’ll wait until Fall to bring him back.


D & R Canal Towpath



Maybe a Romanian country wine. Unpredictable and sometimes a bit rough around the edges, but nonetheless intriguing and rustically romantic.