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Wiman Canyon & Old Pueblo Trail

Wiman Canyon & Old Pueblo Trail

From the shaded, green belly of a canyon, the Wiman Canyon Trail quickly shoots up to meet the dry, baked pathways of the Old Pueblo Trail that run behind the luxury home fences of the foothills. From the trail intersection, the Old Pueblo trail runs South about .3 miles before ending at Park Lane; the Buena Vista Trailhead is just a minute’s walk up the road from here. In the other direction from the Wiman/ Old Pueblo intersection, you can follow the path through sandstone and brush to the monumental cave-like hollowed rock at Park Hill Lane and then follow the trail beside the road up the hill to a sweeping view of everything between you and the Santa Barbara Harbor. The trail then heads downhill to end at W. Park Lane and the San Ysidro Creek, where you can either extend your adventure on the San Ysidro or McMenemy Trails, loop back to your car along W. Park Lane, or backtrack.


There’s a trailhead around every bend along these Montecito hills. Here are a few you can hop directly onto from Old Pueblo: San Ysidro Trail, Buena Vista Trail, McMenemy Trail. And here’s the whole lot: MTF Trails.


A few parking spots at trailhead