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Nature Medallion

Nature Medallion

You can spiral-weave anything that’s long, pliable and not too frail into a medallion. And the treasure hunt for items which meet that criteria in your own garden (or on your windowsill) is, itself, an enriching activity! From our garden (and windowsill), we’ve found thyme, lavender, sage, geraniums, fern, boxwood and citrus rinds work particularly well – and long after they’ve dried they still smell and look lovely.

The process of crafting these really soothes the spirit – absorbing and gratifying, if fidgety.


Double up 2 paper bowls, cut 9 (odd number of your choice) evenly-spaced slots in the sides and criss-cross twine to opposite sides like spokes on a wheel (see photos). Leave an extra foot of yarn from the final spoke to weave (over, under, over….) the center of the medallion. After that, weave in vines, rinds and grasses – beginning with the shortest lengths. Long, bendy shrub lengths – like boxwood – make a great outer ring, adding structure – and flair. Once you’re happy with your medallion, cut the strings (you can re-use your paper bowl apparatus endlessly) and knot 8 of them in pairs. Use the 9th string to make the hanging loop. Trim any excess twine and conceal with extra foliage, if you like.

Woven together from your garden and your home, these make heartwarming gifts.

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