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Big Brook Preserve Trail

Big Brook Preserve Trail

It’s not every day you find a 60-million-year-old shark’s tooth…. unless you’re spending every day at Big Brook Preserve, where “just one” is underwhelming. Lovely in its own right, the trail constantly forks off toward the creek for dozens of fossil-sifting access points. We encountered a local at one such spot who had found 6 prehistoric teeth that afternoon – 3 of them in someone else’s discarded sifting pile! Once we found our paleo-eyes, we also found several teeth and possibly a squid ancestor!

Bring a sieve, watershoes and a trowel – and beware of glass pieces in the creek.


Poricy Park Fossil Beds, less than 20 minutes from Big Brook Preserve, is an equally lovely trail – and as generous with its fossils.


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