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Charles Rogers Wildlife Refuge Trail (a.k.a. “The Swinging Bridge Path”)

Charles Rogers Wildlife Refuge Trail (a.k.a. “The Swinging Bridge Path”)

Even without the swinging bridge, this would be a worthy adventure. In fact, technically, the Charles Rogers Wildlife Refuge doesn’t encompass the swinging bridge – but it’s our favorite gateway. You can scale an observation deck and likely spot a heron right from the get-go and from there the trail dives into the woods, wraps around wetlands and flirts with the Stony Brook from the swinging bridge all the way back to the car.

There’s also a charming Red Loop along the canal and through the Wildlife Refuge which you can pick-up beside the vintage water treatment plant.

The real highlight of the birding year at Rogers Refuge is Spring migration, especially around the middle of May, when the count of warbler species seen in a day may be in the 20s.  Fall migration can also be very good.  But there’s always something to see, not only birds, but wildlife in general.  Recently, somebody we know saw a River Otter having a disagreement with a Muskrat!

Melinda Varian, Friends of Rogers Refuge



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