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Coronado & Ellwood Monarch Butterfly Groves

Coronado & Ellwood Monarch Butterfly Groves

These two adjacent famed Monarch butterfly habitats reached via the Ellwood Bluffs trail attract butterflies November through February. A decade ago, tens of thousands of butterflies would spend the winter here, but their numbers have been declining, partially due to the diminishing Monarch population, and partially due to severe drought that ransacked the Eucalyptus trees.

December to January seem to be the best months to catch a glimpse of them. We missed them on our visit at the end of February 2021 – all but two.

Allow some time to follow the trails across Ellwood Mesa to the Bluff and Beach, it’s well worth it.


Coronado Butterfly Grove and Goleta Butterfly Grove


Ellwood Bluffs


Street parking.

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