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Mapleton Preserve Trail

Mapleton Preserve Trail

Deer, wild turkeys, foxes, eagles…. they’ll be startled by you in this tranquil, precious collection of trees and pathways. Several building relics and countless intriguing tree species stand tribute to the nationally renowned tree nursery that once thrived on this historic site.

From the parking area, a dirt road cuts between a line of Ginkgos and the fenced off Old Nursery buildings. A trail awaits, stage right, to welcome you to another, surprisingly remote, world. As the trail gently winds through brush and croppings of interesting trees, the landscape becomes a serene and removed heath. Signs of wildlife are everywhere in the forms of paw prints, droppings, bones, melodies or a panicked feathered rear end disappearing into the brush.

Trees are the crown jewels here, apparent from the arboretum as you enter the preserve. Patented specimens left over from its former use as a famous tree nursery dot the landscape. Throughout the preserve, rows of pines form secret passages and pink blossoms bubble up in the spring.

You could rush through the loop in 30 minutes or zig zag and watch the wildlife for hours. 





A Dornfelder: a little wild, a little sweet with rugged brambly and herbaceous flavors.