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Ginkgo Roses

Ginkgo Roses

A single ginkgo leaf is a perfect, elegant beauty. Each November, we are lavished with a thick yellow carpet of them. To preserve at least a few, my crafty mom and niece created these lovely rose sculptures.

You just need Ginkgo leaves of varied sizes and florist’s tape. Roll the smallest leaf into a cone to begin the rose. Coil a slightly larger leaf around the first. Continue adding ever larger leaves – always layering them over the seam the previous leaf made. The more leaves you use, the fuller your rose. Finally wrap the florist tape around the bundle – high enough up to prevent it from falling apart. Wrap the tape along the full length of the stem – and bind in a twig if you prefer a long-stem rose.

Besides beautiful bouquets, these also make lovely table decorations, hair wreaths or door wreaths.

Whatever you create, it will hold its shape for years to come – and the bright yellow color will fade to a romantic rosy-caramel.


Mapleton Preserve boasts a monumental Gingko Row, fronting the central meadow.

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