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Mercer Meadows Trail

Mercer Meadows Trail

Boardwalks add lots of pizazz, in my book, and this place is among the boardwalkiest of them all! And it’s a perfect place for biking with its endless sprawling acres of flat footpaths criss-crossing through woods, across pastures, along an insect garden, and, needless to say, over boardwalks.

Two-story wildlife viewing platforms hover over the North and South meadows, along with scattered bird blinds. And throughout, you’ll encounter relics of AT&T’s “Pole Farm,” in use from 1929 to 1965. It housed thousands of telephone poles 100 feet tall, of which one still stands. In 1965, this was the world’s largest radio telephone telephone station. A phone call to Europe, the Middle East or Africa inevitably took a spin through what is now Mercer Meadows on it’s way.


Mercer Meadows connects to so many trails, you could trek on for days through: Rosedale Park, Curlis Lake & Woods, Pennington Loop and Baldwin Lake.




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