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Baldwin Lake Wildlife Area

Baldwin Lake Wildlife Area

A broad trail parallels the railroad tracks before curving into the woods, where small paths veer off to the river beaches and view of the old stone railroad bridge. After longer than you’d expect, the lake comes into view. Rolling meadows and a dam mark the end of the lake, but your hike can continue into the Pennington Loop trail to Kunkel Park if you have an extra 45 minutes. If not, take in the sweet little island in the middle of the lake for a minute before heading back the way you came.

The lakeside meadow is a lovely spot for a picnic with plenty of space for throwing a frisbee or flying a kite in the Spring before the tall grass takes over. And the lake trickles into a picturesque stream whose banks are easily accessible, though the water could be cleaner.


Pennington Loop



Train Gazing



With the island of evergreens as its centerpiece, this feels like a Washington wine – and elegant Cab.