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Oak Creek Canyon Whole Access Trail

Oak Creek Canyon Whole Access Trail

Braille signage and a guide cable running the full length of the level, half-mile Oak Canyon Whole Access trail help those with impaired vision find their way – and the 3 picnic benches along the way are wheelchair accessible. It’s also a wonderful trail for young kids and strollers, swooping through an adventurous, shaded corridor of crooked oaks with no elevation changes and a railing between the walking path and bike trail. Signs along the railing call attention to special characteristics of the trail, in both print and Braille. For sighted children, the experience of navigating the trail with eyes covered and relying on the other senses is an important education, too – and a leap in perspective.

I was so slow. But I could hear the bird noises much more.

8-year old footpather

The out-and-back whole access portion ends where the railing (and the oak corridor) stops. And here the Yin shifts to the dramatically different Yang, if you continue on to complete the one-mile loop. After a few steps, a sign will guide you left for the loop or into the wide world of Los Robles trails to the right. These hard-baked trails, undulating through the hilly chaparral and lugeing through brush tunnels are popular with mountain bikers, so we made sure to stick to the right edge of the path.

Whereas the Oak Canyon trail is shady, protected and enclosed by oaks, the sky opens for the other half of the loop to views of surrounding summits with rolling hills of brush in between. A fantastic short adventure!


Info about connecting trails with extensive Los Robles trail map including Oak Creek Canyon Whole Access Trail (upper left corner of map).