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Camping Cakes

Camping Cakes

Oranges roasting on an open fire – oozing with orange-infused cake! This is a fantastically simple and exciting way to bake outside – whether in the woods or at your cozy fire pit!

All you need is:

  • one orange per serving
  • your favorite cake/cupcake/brownie/banana bread batter – ready-made mixes are great if you’re camping (we used a chocolate chip brownie mix) – just make sure you have all the ingredients the mix requires
  • heavy duty aluminum foil
  • tongs

Carefully cut the top quarter of the orange off (you’ll need it later). Hollow out the orange (and the lid) – leaving a little orange pulp around the edges for flavor if you like. Mix your batter as you normally would. Pour into the orange to 1″ from the top. Place the orange lid on top and wrap in aluminum foil. Place on hot embers, ideally not as close to flames as we did. Roasting time depends on how hot your fire is. Ours were fully baked – and a bit scorched – at 30 minutes. But even scorched on the outside, the inside was perfectly delicious! Use tongs to remove them and let cool until you can handle them.

Next time we’re going to try adding a marshmellow under the lid. 🙂

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