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Oxbridge Footpath

Oxbridge Footpath

Some of the most enchanting adventures hide among “the in-betweens” – like this pretty, wooded one, in-between Montgomery Park and the Oxbridge neighborhood, cloaking Back Brook. A gravel, paved path winds along the edge of the woods and along a portion of the brook, with spur paths exploring the brook’s edge in many places.

About an hour (leaving extra time for exploring and a playground intermission about 1/2 way near Derby Chase Court) gets you from the end of the trail at Montgomery Park (behind the sand volleyball court) to the picturesque bridge at the other end – and back. We took the spur paths one way and the paved trail back.

There’s a fork near the start of the path – you generally want to head left, but taking the fork to the right is a lovely detour that ultimately gets you to the same place. An off-shoot from that detour heads over a mini wooden bridge into cedar woods, heading north-ish toward Harlingen Road along a trail that parallels Montgomery Park’s soccer fields. That’s also a sweet adventure – but heads in the opposite direction to the longer Oxbridge trail.

Whichever path you choose, add a little extra time to enjoy the zipline at Montgomery Park before you go. 🙂


Montgomery Veterans Arboretum