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Watershed Blue Trail (Broad St. to Crusher Rd.)

Watershed Blue Trail (Broad St. to Crusher Rd.)

Starting at the Broad Street end in Hopewell, this one is wonderfully overlookable – you will almost certainly miss it and have to swing back around. A straight, flat and narrow passageway forges between farm properties for a short stretch. Then it dives into the towering woods – and another world.

Here nature cranks up the air conditioning in the warmer months and the flat path suddenly meets a high ridge. The path forks – with the wider path ambling along the base of the ridge and the other heading uphill. They meet again at a crop of boulders at the summit. The view is of everything under the majestic tree canopies (and nothing beyond).

From here you can either complete the loop and head back to Broad Street – or continue past the boulders and down the other side of the ridge. After the path crosses Crusher Road, it continues for a few miles before ending at The Watershed headquarters.



Watershed Blue Trail to Moore’s Mill Mt. Rose Rd.




Were she a wine, she’d be a Cornas Syrah, drawing her rich character from deep roots wedged into granite. Delicious meandering aromas of brambles, licorice and tobacco open up to a decadent treat.