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Turtleback Park Trail

Turtleback Park Trail

This short, sweet strip sneaks between Little Shabakunk Creek and neighborhood gardens. From the friendly turtle sculpture marking the beginning of the trail, it’s only a few steps to the creek, with wide, inviting pebble beaches. The path meanders along the creek, crosses a corridor of electrical towers and then parallels Cobblestone Creek gold course for a short stretch before ending at Balsam Road. For a little extra adventure, keep your eyes open for an alternate skinny footpath on the return trip, a little farther from the creek.

Along with the dedication attached to the turtle are my thoughts exactly, conceived by 19th century English novelist, poet, journalist, translator, Mary Ann Evans:

We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it.”

Mary Ann Evans (who went by George Eliot)


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