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Venice Canals Pathways

Venice Canals Pathways

Venice’s real magic doesn’t happen on the Pacific, if you ask us, but 2 blocks from it at a different waterscape. The Venice Canal Historic District is what remains of an extensive system of man-made wetland canals built in 1905 by developer Abbot Kinney (whose nearby nouveau chic namesake street is worth footpathing for food). A motley parade of bright bungalows, modern mansions and shabby chic cottages adorned with vibrant flowers and vines line the canal grid – edged with narrow footpaths connected by idyllic arched bridges. There’s no telling what curious vignette you’ll miss if you don’t walk every bit of canal stretch. And sweet little Linnie Canal Park has a pocket playground right in the middle for a play break.


Ballona Lagoon


Street parking, per signs

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