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Ballona Lagoon Marine Preserve Trail

Ballona Lagoon Marine Preserve Trail

Tucked away between Venice beach and Marina Del Ray harbor, Ballona Lagoon is one of the last tidal wetlands in southern California, with high and low tides twice daily. A picturesque footpath runs the full length of the lagoon. It’s under a mile stretch from the side street you’ll park on, along the wetlands, across an iconic vintage bridge, and shimmying between wetlands and well-groomed private gardens to the harbor. From here, you can return along the path or loop back along the beach, just a block away.

A 16.3-acre natural saltwater estuary, the ocean-fed lagoon is a protected habitat for hundreds of birds, native plants, animals, and marine life and lies on the 2,000-mile migratory Pacific Flyway that birds travel between Alaska and Latin America.

Before Marina Del Rey was developed, the Ballona Lagoon belonged to the 1,700-acre Ballona Wetlands, extending from Playa Del Rey to Santa Monica.


Venice Beach path, Venice Canal Historic Walkways, Ballona Discovery Park is close by.


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