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Baldpate Mountain Trail

Baldpate Mountain Trail

Scramble up a boulderfall and through some enchanting passageways and you’ll see all the way to Philadelphia – telescope provided!

The Baldpate Mountain “boulder staircase” ascent is not easy, but the 4-year-old in our party kept pace. I recommend eating your sandwich shortly after the rock scramble on the terrace of the fairytalesque stone cottage with your legs dangling over the pond – but save your dessert for the top of the hill with vast views all the way to Philadelphia, theoretically.

Follow the telescope’s nose along the grassy trail down through the wildflower meadow to one of our absolute favorite climbing trees. It’s practically a natural ladder. From here, you’ll see Strawberry Hill Mansion poised atop its sweeping grassy meadow. Idyllic farmhouse vignettes abound.

You can either follow the trail back through the woods and rendezvous with the trail you came in on, or take the lane from Strawberry Hill down to the parking lot.

(Don’t say I didn’t tell you about the bear warnings.)




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