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Bridlewild Trail

Bridlewild Trail

From the road, the horse trail skirts a vineyard and then plunges down to follow and cross the dry creek, diving under oak canopies and sidling along classic white split rail fences. Just as you swipe aside a curtain of pepper tree tendrils and think this trail can’t get any more charming, you hear the faint, yet indignant, squawk of a peacock coming from around the bend. You veer left at the trail “T” and find the source, amidst a menagerie of farm animals; donkeys, sheep, goats and chickens munch harmoniously beside the trail. Another picturesque vineyard, bisected by a romantic rose-lined stairway, rises steeply on one side of this small valley. After a few yards, you re-enter the real world at East Los Posas Road and either retrace your steps to your car, or weave through neighborhood streets to loop back.


Street parking.

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