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Bull’s Island Trail

Bull’s Island Trail

Well it’s an island, so that’s a thousand enchantment points right from the get-go. And it over-delivers once you’re “tide-pooling” on the beach at its tip.

There’s ample parking on the island beside a visitor center, large lawn with a playground, picnic tables and BBQs. A tremendous footbridge crosses to Pennsylvania, tall enough for an impressive view – and warning signs. We took the path around the bottom half of the island, with a dam and broad, stony river beaches at its point.

After hours spotting shells, marine snails and flitting little fish, we found a soft patch of warm sand to read in this world of our own.

Stay tuned for what’s on the other side of the island (or tell us if you get there first!)


Peter Brown‘s The Wild Robot tells the story of a robot who learns to be wild for the sake of survival and then fights to stay that way for love. Bull’s Island’s stony beaches are a great place to inspire your imagination. And since Peter grew up in nearby Hopewell, they might have done the same for him!



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