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Sourland Mountain Preserve Trail

Sourland Mountain Preserve Trail

Of several ways to come at the Sourlands, this is the most direct and popular – and it boasts an irresistible boulder obstacle course! Points of particular interest include those very Devil’s Half-Acre Boulders and the one spot with a view – all the way to Manhattan. Paths ascend the mountain from the parking lot or past the lake across boardwalks and bridges and squeezing through boulders and thickets.

We recommend going counterclockwise and taking the brown to the yellow trail up to the boulders first – because its a lot easier to climb up them than down. Keep your trail map handy – it’s easy to miss a turn.

If you like walking in the snow, the top of the Sourlands hangs onto it longer than most trails – we walked through snow and ice from the Manhattan lookout 2 weeks after all the snow had disappeared everywhere else.



Sourland Ecosystem Preserve, Kulak Preserve, Woosamonsa Ridge, Zion Crossing


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