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Conejo Botanic Garden & Nature Trail

Conejo Botanic Garden & Nature Trail

Bordering the charming Conejo Community Park, the Botanic Garden’s colorful blossoms burst from 15 specialty gardens spread across the hillside. Footpaths meander through Australian, Mediterranean, Desert, Rare Fruit and Butterfly gardens, to name a few. And a nature trail wraps around the outside, converging with garden paths at the summit. From here, benches are poised at look-outs in all directions with views sweeping past Tarantula Hill all the way to the Los Padres Mountains.

Adjacent Kids’ Adventure Garden is a wonderful spot for children, currently closed due to Covid. In the meantime, follow the Story Walk all over the place, making your way through the lovely book, The Curious Garden. This beautiful story by Peter Brown, inspired by Manhattan’s Highline Park, follows a boy and a tiny patch of plant life. Together, they turn a grey and dismal city into a flourishing gardenscape.


Tarantula Hill, just across the street


Large parking lot.

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