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D & R Canal Trail – Mapleton Road & Millstone Aqueduct Trail

D & R Canal Trail – Mapleton Road & Millstone Aqueduct Trail

This hub of lanky bridges, peaceful lake vistas, fishing nooks, historic landmarks, and paths-less-taken is an especially charismatic section of the D & R Canal Towpath. A cool feature here, the aqueduct supports two footbridges and allows Lake Carnegie’s water to flow under the canal and into the Millstone River. The Millstone is more like a lake here too, covered in lily pads and frequented by swans.

From the parking lot off of Mapleton Road, paths scamper in three distinct directions: the canal towpath, the Millstone Aqueduct trail, and a sweet mini adventure through the woods.

Of the canal towpath’s many access points, this one is among the most interesting, poised between Lake Carnegie, the Millstone River and the canal – connected by a cross-hatching of footbridges. Like so many of its miles, the towpath here is flanked by water on both sides – and views across Lake Carnegie are especially wide and wistful. It’s about 2.5 miles north to Kingston or a quick 1/2 mile in the opposite direction to Harrison Street – and of course you can continue many miles in either direction.

The Millstone Aqueduct trail parallels the canal from here past Harrison Street. The idyllic sandy path cuts through a narrow, tree-lined meadow more frequented by deer than people. For a nice mile-long loop from the parking area, cross the first bridge to reach the Millstone Aqueduct Trail, follow it to Harrison Street and return along the towpath.

Your third option is the path-barely-ever-taken, an enchanting expedition which ducks into the trees at the north end of the parking area and meanders along the canal past turtle alcoves and stick teepees.

To dive into the rich pool of local history at this picturesque corner, read about the village of Aqueduct and all of its relics including the late grist mill, defunct bridge and several old houses still standing today here.


D & R Canal – Kingston


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