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Hartshorne Woods Trail

Hartshorne Woods Trail

One of the highest points on the Atlantic Coast, Hartshorne Woods includes 14 miles of trails, including the adventuresome one that led us to a secret beach! The park’s elevation brings with it impressive vistas (I’ve heard they’re breathtaking in winter) – and steep climbs. Its military history is also discoverable throughout.

To reach the secret beach, follow the Rocky Point Trail from the top of the hill to the pretty cove and find the footpath just to the right of the pier. Check tide timing to make sure you don’t set off as the tide is rising to avoid a soggy trek back. Within steps, you’ll be tunneling through grass twice as tall as you, climbing over and under windthrows and, after 15 minutes, the special beach comes into view. And presto – you’re a pirate!

Here’s a link to the park’s storied past.




Madeira, the explorer’s wine.

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