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Goat Hill Overlook Trail

Goat Hill Overlook Trail

Typically, it takes a moderate to intensely treacherous hike to reach a view like this – but at barely a mile on a broad path with a gentle incline, your smallest adventurer can conquer Goat’s Hill Overlook – and stand in the footprints of George Washington! The trail empties onto a wide open meadow high above the Delaware River. Bring a picnic blanket incase that last leg of the picnic benches has finally given way – or for the great likelihood that someone is already sitting there.

Keep your eyes open on the short trail to spot the relics of a stone fireplace and spur paths that lead to completely different perspectives on that awesome view. Washington is said to have Stood on the outcropping of boulders at the end of one of the spur paths just before the Battle of Trenton in 1776. Find more historical information here.

It was quite gusty when we were there – perfect for flying impromptu leaf kites! And the picnic benches make an ideal workshop for leaf crowns.




The golden hues, the history, the magnitude – they all point to a Great White Burgundy.

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