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Nature Treasure Chest

Nature Treasure Chest

This little hive of a nature cupboard inspires kids to pay close attention outside and curate their own collection of natural wonders.


  • a shallow cardboard box with flaps intact
  • enough toilet paper or paper towel cores to fill your box
  • a brown paper shopping bag or wrapping paper
  • glue
  • scissors


Cut the bottom and top flaps off the box, leaving the side flaps to use as “doors” for your cabinet. Cut cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls to fit the depth of your cupboard – you need as many as will fit snuggly. Find innovative handles or latches – we used hydrangea vine branches for handles on one cupboard and star anise and twine to latch another. Cover the exterior with paper (we used shopping bags) and decorate with nature-themed designs. Then all that’s left is to go on a treasure hunt in your garden to fill it up!

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