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Pleasant Valley Charles Honn Botanical Garden Path

Pleasant Valley Charles Honn Botanical Garden Path

This sweet little garden wedge is brimming with curiosities and pollinators. It’s a designated urban bee lab for UC Berkeley and includes a certified wildlife habitat area. On a Saturday or Sunday between noon and 4pm, follow the vibrant wall mural depicting life in Camarillo over a century ago from the steam engine to the entrance gate.

I had just passed a wooden bathtub and antique school bell early in my adventure, when a monarch butterfly fluttered around me like it was trying to get my attention – which it did, of course – until the copper fruit brandy still caught my eye. I found the monarch again a little further down the path at “the barn,” adorned with wall reliefs and filled with by-gone oddities to admire through a big window. You’ll also find a collection of American Indian cooking utensils and an antique carriage along the path.

In addition to the rose-lined lawns ideal for picnicking, lovely shaded lounging areas are interspersed throughout, from a grand gazebo with a ceiling fan to a terrace by the barn and a seating area along the garden path under the canopy of a big tree.



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