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Rocky Brook Trail

Rocky Brook Trail

Stepping stones kick things off across the Stony Brook at a perfectly picturesque spot where you could happily spend the day stream stopping. But then you’d be missing the magnificence of the cascading streams weaving together pools by way of little waterfalls, the big stone wall that you actually tread along for a segment, the lookout perch and the intricate rock tower assembled by many hands, including, inevitably, yours.

The trail is pretty much a straight out-and-back shot along the Stony Brook connecting Lambertville Hopewell Turnpike and Syndertown Road. Unless you’re committed to reaching the end of the trail for its own sake (marked by the gravel of Snydertown Road), I recommend using the small red trail off-shoot near the end as your turn-around loop.




Music really wants to break into my wine analogy with this one. The middle portion of the trail – where streams and pools and rock walls meet – feels like the crescendo of this enthralling symphony. So I’m going with Châteauneuf-du-Pape, blended from over a dozen grape varieties grown on “pudding stones” for maximum opulence, a passionate mix of red and dark brambly fruit, smoke and sweet spice weaving layers of complex, mouthwatering fragrance and flavor.

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