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UCSB Lagoon Island Labyrinth & Trail

UCSB Lagoon Island Labyrinth & Trail

Racing scoops of pelicans and tucking into gangly tree hideaways along the grooved paths above the Pacific was already a lovely adventure …. and then we found the labyrinth! Bigger than any we’ve seen before, this one is hidden amidst the brush, about midway across the island and closer to the ocean side. You can reach it from either end of UCSB’s lagoon but it’s a bit tricky to find; keep Google Maps’ satellite view handy just in case. As you pace and turn in curves and hairpins through the labyrinth, the view before you shifts between the ocean, the mountains, UCSB’s Storke Tower and the cliff-top lodgings of Isla Vista.

Looping back on the lagoon side of the island makes for excellent bird watching. And in the early spring, you stand a good chance of spotting whales in the ocean.

For a longer loop, wind your way back through campus.


We parked at the campus end of Trigo Road in Isla Vista. You can also park on campus, following these UCSB campus parking instructions.

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