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Sourland Mountains Kulak Preserve Trail

Sourland Mountains Kulak Preserve Trail

From its launch pad on Featherbed Lane, the trail crosses the Kulak Preserve and then mingles with other Sourland trails. In Autumn and Winter, a thick layer of leaves thoroughly conceals the intuitive pathway, which makes for a fun blaze eye-spy (and puts your feet and ankles on high alert). Study the trail map before setting out to determine your path – there is no obvious loop. We took the Featherbed Trail to the Double Crossing Trail to Sourland Foothills Trail – all very flat, except for the rocks and roots. The Double Crossing Trail crosses a Stony Brook tributary twice (hence the name) – once in the direction we took, and once in the other (which heads toward the Sourland Ecosystem Preserve). As always, the rendezvous with the Stony Brook is a particularly pretty part of the trail with a tumble of round boulders forming islands in the stream.

Unfortunately, the only way to turn our path into a loop was to complete the last section along Featherbed lane for about 12 minutes. Alternatives would have been to take the Double Crossing Trail to toward Mountain Church Road and – and even through the Sourlands Ecosystem Preserve if time and energy allows – and then back track along the Featherbed Trail.

Kulak bears a resemblance to Nayfield Preserve, not just in the meadow-to-forest layout, but also with the intriguing Ecological art at its start.


Sourland Ecosystem Preserve



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