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Milford Bluffs Trail

Milford Bluffs Trail

You’ll feel like a Condor, perched atop the Milford Bluffs gazing over the Delaware River. Uphill from the wooded parking lot and through dense vegetation, the trail suddenly deposits you into one broad tall grass meadow and then another. Keep right and be aware that once the trail ducks into the trees, it clings to the top of the bluffs with no protective barrier. Not a good spot for the toddler set. But an excellent place to watch birds of prey riding the thermals right at your eye level.

From parking lot to bluffs takes under 30 minutes. We tried to loop back along a different trail and ran into private property dead-ends so I recommend back tracking.


Perched atop these cliffs is an excellent place to read My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George. You might even spot Frightful among the raptors swooping past at eye level.


Follow the link above for nj Hiking’s great step-by-step guide with map for this somewhat confusing spot!



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