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Ireland Brook Conservation Area Trail

Ireland Brook Conservation Area Trail

Ireland Brook Conservation Area offers small, medium and large adventures over rolling forests, meadows and marshes – and connecting to neighboring preserves. From the Riva Ave. end, the sweet little Blue Loop gets you the best view of and access to the brook itself. The yellow trail weaves through woods and meadows on either side of the pipeline, undulating through varied groves and meadows, before crossing marshland on a network of boardwalks to Fresh Ponds Rd. Across the road, the yellow trail wraps around a big pumpkin patch before connecting to the small red “Pseudacris Way” wisp, with its necklace of vernal pools and ponds. The whole thing end to end (and back again) took just under 3 hours.

A fenced in gravesite along the yellow trail includes a sheltered gravestone for Gertrude Provost (1808-1839) along with a group of smaller headstones.


Farrington Lake trail – which connects to Davidson Mill Pond trails.




Well I guess this has to be the beer kind. And honestly, earthy and rich as those woods are, a pint of Guinness would do the trick.


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